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the idea girl says

these are my sketches, I’ll be blogging them one by one. I tried to put them up on pages but cannot figure out how to do it on cell with new theme. so now it uploads FASTER but its confusing on how to blog it. LOL

I Can’t WIN!!!!! hahahahaha

notes sketches diagrams WOW obsidian mirrors formulas

blue book 1, section I, pages 67-68 to be blogged

on alien space science news on wordpress.

IMG_20150721_113137 IMG_20150721_113130 IMG_20150721_113120 IMG_20150721_113120 IMG_20150721_113054 IMG_20150721_113054 IMG_20150721_113027 IMG_20150721_113012 IMG_20150721_113054 IMG_20150721_113027 IMG_20150721_113012 IMG_20150721_113004 IMG_20150721_112950 IMG_20150721_112943



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