Diagram 130 WOW! SETI 6EQUJ5 alien radio signal quadrupole magnets electrons muon joules five axial forces UFO engine design

Diagram 130 WOW! SETI 6EQUJ5 alien radio signal quadrupole magnets electrons muon joules five axial forces UFO engine design

Diagram 130 WOW! SETI 6EQUJ5 alien radio signal quadrupole magnets electrons muon joules five axial forces UFO engine design

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 7

page 3 wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes

the alien radio signal called WOW! SETI NASA was discovered in 1977.

Now were going to look at what each letter/number means based on the the idea girl says youtube 2000 research videos from lines 1 to 27 of the binary coded messages found in it.

It’s based on what’s been found to develop a UFO engine design for a long distance space ship vessel that can travel to the planet Kepler22b from Earth in less than 2 months to 3 days depending on what type of wormholes we learn to make… from the formula’s instructions we’ve learned how to cut across space orbits, make our space ships more human friendly and to heal various diseases and ailments that cause our present astronauts to only be in outer space for short periods of times.

we’ve learned how to modify gravity in deep space ships, and to modify the way the body reacts to the lack of gravity based on its instructions on how our astronauts should be doing their physical training!

yep that’s what’s been covered so far from my research into this WOW! Signal, and there’s more.  recycling fuels that never burn out, oxygen and magnetic forces along with a crystalline Y structure UFO engine that regenerates its own energy with colliding particles, spinning proton rings and the Higgs Boson Signals to add quantum flux to sets of particles with “instructions” in the formula’s on how to achieve these goals.

Exciting for me, because I know that this is ALIEN TECHNOLOGY based on the fact there’s nothing been created like this on EARTh (to my public knowledge). Yet all the scientists of the world have been doing experiments and reporting their TEST ABSTRACT results, with the USE of each experiment coming up as UNKNOWN.  Now you will find out what you wanted AIRL to tell you back in 1947 from the Roswell Mexico UFO crash.

She’s revealing her knowledge of the Universe and if you take the time to do the formula’s instructions we will speed up our technologies much faster than it previously took – 30 years to reach some goals.  We are in fact going to speed up technology within the next 5 years. So by the year 2016, there’s going to be some major changes in our space technology which NASA and SETI is going to be delighted to see all their past dreams, visions and theories coming true..

Stay tuned, check out what the formula for 6EQUJ5 is here:

notes are from pages 8, 9, and 10





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