Diagram 193 WOW! SETI SIGNAL 6EQUJ5 gravitational triangle wave NMR Nuclear spin magnetic resonance


Diagram 193 WOW! SETI SIGNAL 6EQUJ5 gravitational triangle wave NMR Nuclear spin magnetic resonance


Diagram 193 WOW! SETI SIGNAL 6EQUJ5 gravitational triangle wave NMR Nuclear spin magnetic resonance


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blue book notes 1, section II page 42, page 7 wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes

Diagrams 193, continues from Diagram 190 to 192 showing the alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 and how it was done.  Diagrams 99 to 192 show us the quantum particle accelerator UFO engine design idea based on the formula’s provided in the WOW! Signals binary code.

Diagram 193

gravitational wave 45°

Higgs Boson Event  45°  and 90° same as the ALien WOW! Signal

magnetic resonance signal

Larmor frequency

quote wiki

Larmor frequency[edit]

The angular momentum vector \vec{J} precesses about the external field axis with an angular frequency known as the Larmor frequency,

\omega = -\gamma B

where \omega is the angular frequency,[1] and B is the magnitude of the applied magnetic field. \gamma is (for a particle of charge -e) the gyromagnetic ratio,[2] equal to -\frac{e g}{2m}, where m is the mass of the precessing system, while g is the g-factor of the system. The g-factor is the unit-less proportionality factor relating the system’s angular momentum to the intrinsic magnetic moment; in classical physics it is just 1.

In nuclear physics the g-factor of a given system includes the effect of the nucleon spins, their orbital angular momenta, and their couplings. Generally, the g-factors are very difficult to calculate for such many-body systems, but they have been measured to high precision for most nuclei. The Larmor frequency is important in NMR spectroscopy. The gyromagnetic ratios, which give the Larmor frequencies at a given magnetic field strength, have been measured and tabulated here.

Crucially, the Larmor frequency is independent of the polar angle between the applied magnetic field and the magnetic moment direction. This is what makes it a key concept in fields such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron paramagnetic resonance(EPR), since the precession rate does not depend on the spatial orientation of the spins.



See WOW! data formula notes here:



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