Writing Researching Mixed Particles WOW! SETI Formulas


The idea girl says

I’m on workbook number 4 for the mixed particles formula search notes January 2016.

I did the research as you can see – August 31, 2015.  I have to gather all the formula’s for a “keyword” in this case it’s “mixed particles, or Particles” and then I gather the notes, write them out word by word again and sketch what they mean.  Many times I come across words I’ve forgotten what the meanings are. I use WIKIpedia to help me and write quotes, and then draw those too. 🙂


so I can fully comprehend what I am doing, piece by piece.  Don’t you just love puzzles!  I still have “hundreds” of keywords to decipher and look for the formula’s. HOpefully as I do my cross referencing, some of the words, stick together, so that will make it easier to go through the 2,000 plus research videos for the WOW! alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 on the idea girl says youtube channel.


see the playlist here.  I’m currently blogging Diagrams 1 to 240 for the WOW! Obsidian Mirrors Formula Keyword Search notes which I started January 2016.

here’s the INDEX of the blog formula notes, and diagrams.



here’s the research videos playlist on the idea girl says youtube.  so far I’ve blogged up to Diagram 72 of the 240.




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