Diagram 246 WOW! Repulsive Quantum Casimir Effect Higgs Electric Field UFO Engine

Diagram 246 WOW! Repulsive Quantum Casimir Effect Higgs Electric Field UFO Engine


Diagram 246 WOW! Repulsive Quantum Casimir Effect Higgs Electric Field UFO Engine


the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 65, page 12 wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes.

March 9, 2015 Part II obsidian mirrors

23 Feb 2014 my thoughts Page 12,Page 14

Diagram 246 continues from Diagrams 99 to 245 for instructions to build TWO UFO style Engines. We’ve been looking at the designs for the CORE UFO Engine that levitates above the Y Crystalline super lattice UFO Engine design.

In Diagram 246 it shows repulsive quantum force, gold sphere levitates over plate, the HIggs Electric Field is generated creating Air Lift and Magnetic Forces that keep the two UFO engine designs together as they fly through outer space. This is definitely “alien technology! We don’t have anything even close to this concept – (public knowledge Feb 2, 2016). Cool!

It also shows Quantum fluctuations and a WEAK repulsive force that affect the properties of the colliding particles in the Y crystalline super lattice UFO engine’s design.

see formula instructions here:



see Diagram 247 for the hyperbole space ARC, NODES, Tetrahedron Y super lattice crystalline UFO engine Triangle (it’s upright), Cooled Plasma combined with Liquid Argon Gas, mixing super alloys of copper and NODES Wires, this will CREATE a RF Frequency Laser Beam signals with a NETWORK of HYPERBOLE SPACE…

data research and results found on science news journals notes.



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