Diagram 280 WOW! Signal Excited Ground Zero Higgs Point Value STATES in UFO Vacuum Engine Design


Diagram 280 WOW! Signal Excited Ground Zero Higgs Point Value STATES in UFO Vacuum Engine Design


the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 82, wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes page 18. march 14, 2015. (date of research notes)

Diagram 280 WOW! Signal Excited Ground Zero Higgs Point Value STATES in UFO Vacuum Engine Design. See Diagrams 278 to 280 for electrical states of energies inside the UFO engine’s design instructions.

excited states with higher pressures, lower pressure inside of the UFO engine’s crystalline super lattice Y structure Vacuum central point. Higher pressures, ground state pressures create various energy levels, not only in electrical circuits but in the colliding particles inside of the vacuum’s design.

This vacuum design achieves a ZERO (0) point of energy for

HIGGS FIELD = 0 value

higgs Boson particle = 0 value

something as far as I know our science labs have not yet achieved for the HIGGS events at CERN, Atlas, etc.

they currently have levels for Higgs below or above 0

this vacuum UFO engine will give YOU more control of the Higgs Boson’s particle signals to OTHER particles, (colliding or one’s that are CLOSE by)

I’m not sure what RANGE you have for this particular ATOMIC energy signal to affect surrounding particles.  it’s still a bit of mystery, but as we look at the formula’s for ATOMS I’m sure it will be clarified in FUTURE blog posts. (still working on THOSE formulas!) 🙂

You’ll also want to see the energies created by Diagram 281 to get higgs at absolute (0) ZERO energy.

In Diagram 281 we see our QUASI CRYSTALS with one dimensional models reach kinetic rest?

RANKINE, KELVIN energy, interacting with particles (Diagram 282) creating junctions with the particles is coming up!

see formula notes for Diagram 280 here:




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