Diagram 300 WOW! Signal Quantum Flux Positive Negative Charges in One Particle in UFO CRystalline Higgs Signal Laser Beam Engine


Diagram 300 WOW! Signal Quantum Flux Positive Negative Charges in One Particle in UFO CRystalline Higgs Signal Laser Beam Engine

the idea girl says

Diagram 300 WOW! Signal Quantum Flux Positive Negative Charges in One Particle in UFO CRystalline Higgs Signal Laser Beam Engine

blue book notes 1, page 92. wow Part II obsidian mirrors search notes pages 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

refers to four videos for the formula


instructions to combine Janet Conrad’s mineral oil neutrino experiment results with other Fermilabs and teams results.

Quantum Transport Nordhein Formula video. Dielectric conduction.

keyword field emission of electrons from the super conductor generated by the NODES around the crystalline super lattice UFO engine design.

extensive notes showing the charge of particles flux positive and negative in ONE particle.

tunnel effect (which is generated below the crystallline super two lattice walls of the UFO engine design where various particle mixtures collide, and laser beams are applied to carry the technological information for a special long distance communications signal invention which is YET to be built.

(as of April 20,2016)

Xenon Xray Laser beam technology is mentioned. Joule energy from the 6EQUJ5 radio signal transmission. Five axial forces, Higgs Mass particles, Bosons, create symmetry in particle notes. and a list of formula mixtures.

I think I forgot to draw this formula! Its a combination of all the previous diagrams into ONE big engine.

updated April 27, 2016.

page 93 notes will be in the NEXT blog post for April 27, 2016.

see notes here:

** please note while listening to the FIRST video reference it talks about videos from A – G, I’ll blog the whole series because I think it’s important for the UFO crystalline super lattice engine pulse laser beams, and the UFO VAcuum Engine and now there’s a UFO Tunnel Engine, I think we are up to 5 engines. (my thoughts: will these five UFO engines represent the five axial forces from Mr. Barry’s research theories? I wonder if this will all combine to make those, just a guess! April 27, 2016.*

lots of NOTES and research DATA to be with Diagrams 200 to 300.  Diagram 300 seems to combine a lot of data and to save YOU time I will connect it all on here for you!

see formula notes here for Part I of Diagram 300’s many notes to refer too!


may 2,2 016
part II blogged from page 93 notes from pages 26, 27 in wow obsidian mirror formula search notes.



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