Diagram 300 Cross REFERENCE INDEx of the idea girl says youtube research alien radio signal WOW! 6EQUJ5 Video List

Diagram 300 Cross REFERENCE INDEx of the idea girl says youtube research alien radio signal WOW! 6EQUJ5 Video List
the idea girl says
the first video reference refers to videos A to G so I am searching for them all! They show how to set up the Quantum laser pulse Engine in the UFO crystalline superlattice Y structure two wall engine.

there’s five engines so far, so my theory as of April 27, 2016 these five engines might create the 5 axial forces required to change a HIggs Boson particle, split into 5 boson particles, and each has a USE to create one super particle that can hold both positive and negative charges in the ONE particle, and to have full control of what those CHARGES can do by following the laser beam pulse sequences with each of the steps shown.

First you have the rotating TEVATRON RING of proton rings, liquid argon gas and other particle mixtures, this spins both right or left, or clock wise, counter clock wise and then you have a meeting or collision of the protons with these particles to create a super amount of energy that hasn’t been created on EARTH (public knowledge as of April 27, 2016)

then there’s reference to the y structured engine – the two super lattice crystalline walls with the layers of graphite crystal wafers, piezoelectric crystals and NODES (an elshelby twist of nanowires, microwires and DARPA COUGAR hollow core fiber optic wires.

Then we have a UFO vacuum engine, and a UFO Tunnel Engine and then of course the very TOP engine is the CORE (which will house our astronauts and hold the super conducting computer controls to steer the UFO space ship and FIRE the laser beams to the different engines.

So far the Diagrams 1 to 300 show the abilities of these Five engines. Now it seems it’s combining cross reference of data in the research videos (there’s over 2000 of them) into the formula keywords (which at first we did NOT understand, but AFTER I sketched them into diagrams (so far I’ve drawn 500 of them and EACH is a DIFFERENT component for the UFO space ship which seems to be a combination of 5 engines so far. Each with it’s own abilities to Separate (like a traversable wormhole can) and combine into ONE super conducting engine for long distance space flights to galaxies that are millions of light years away within a 2 day to 2 month period of time.

Diagram 300 has several pages of notes and I forgot to DRAW all the formula’s for it, but then I’ve created several drawings after that are all pieces of it’s puzzle, so I think it all goes together, again this is thinking out of the box of your normal logics for physics, chemistry or anything on EARTH because as we now know it’s definitely “alien technology” that was hidden in the coded messages found in the 6EQUJ5 math equation formulas that I started to decode over 4 years ago (NOVember 2011 to April 2016) It will be 5 years come NOvember 2016! πŸ™‚

I’ll finish blogging all the NOTES for Diagrams 300 and some of the diagrams that follow it, and then I’ll put all the videos up with Diagram 300 as the beginning of it’s titles so you can find it.

the references are
13a,b, c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6a, c6b, c6c, c7, c8a, c8b (this is what I found so far)
a to g is 7 videos, and this works out to 13 videos but he references stop at c8b so far (i’m googling but it’s not coming up! It’s been 4 years so it may not FIND it for me right away!)

I will blog all the videos and then refer back to this data April 27, 2016 and LINK.


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