Diagram 307 WOW! Signal UFO Engine Hydrogen FUELS ENERGY STorage Electrolysis


Diagram 307 WOW! Signal UFO Engine Hydrogen FUELS ENERGY STorage Electrolysis

the idea girl says

Diagram 307 WOW! Signal UFO Engine Hydrogen FUELS ENERGY STorage Electrolysis

blue book notes 1, page 96, wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes page 27 for Diagram 307, which works with Diagrams 99 to 300 and 300 to 500 showing the next set of “components” for the 5 UFO engine structures that combine into ONE big space ship!

Diagram 305 generates a (0) ZERO Higgs Field, ZERO higgs boson values, net charge is ZERO for particles – electrons, neutrinos, leptons, Quantum ENergy goes to a (0) ZERO value as protons turn to neutrons.

Diagram 306 atoms move closer to ratios of protons + neutrons.

Diagram 307 Hydrogen Energy STorage – Electricity is converted into hydrogen by electrolysis. It uses heat, oxygen, water, cooled air, water vapor, recycled fuels (that will never burn out while it travels millions of light years in space through a traversible wormhole (portable as the UFO crystalline engine can create it’s OWN wormhole PORTS)

it shows a proton exchange membrane, gas diffusions, electrode, cathode, a flow field plate in the diagram. see formula instructions. Than I’ll blog the WOW! alien radio signal research videos that will give you the SCIENTIFIC information that you’ll combine with this data to make it work! 🙂

see Diagram 307 formula instructions and notes, keywords here:




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